About Us

When sub-prime loans and creative financing ended, we felt the real estate market shift almost over night in 2007. We had a listing that was the cutest house for a first time buyer in a prime West Los Angeles area. All of a sudden, buyer’s interest dropped and our seller was not happy. As we began to explain the rapid market shift; having used creative financing themselves, they got it.  It was a call to service, we could see the market would soon be in crisis. In response to the mortgage crisis that began in 2007, we sought to be of service to homeowner’s and banks for short sales and foreclosures in Santa Monica and Los Angeles.

Our goal was to be relevant to our community and shift with the real estate market. We quickly realized many agents had limited knowledge and many times steered away from short sales in Santa Monica and Los Angeles. Most importantly, we wanted to find solutions help homeowners avoid foreclosure.

With the help of my sister Kim, over the past four years we have been entrusted by Santa Monica and Los Angeles homeowners to provide help with distressed properties. It is with great pride we have been able to help homeowners in Santa Monica and Los Angeles find solutions for the changing real estate market. We have a solid team in place. To ensure the best service, and a successful outcome we make sure our client’s do not feel like a number or another file. Often a go to source for other agents. As sisters, we are family and we take short sales in Santa Monica and Los Angeles seriously.

In addition to the marketing details of a traditional equity sale. Here’s a short list of what we offer you:

  • Direct distressed sellers to finance, tax, and legal professionals
  • Qualify sellers for short sales
  • Develop a short-sale package
  • Negotiate with lenders
  • Tap into buyer demand
  • Limit risk
  • Protect buyers

We have closed dozens of short sales and foreclosures in Santa Monica and Los Angeles. We are confident and skilled in seeing these transactions through.

For a confidential discussion and more information on short sales call 310-737-8173

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Also, listed below are the most current Short Sale designations and certifications.  These are recognized and approved by National Association Of Realtors, and California Association Of Realtors.

Here is a list of our current Short Sale/Distressed Homeowner Designations:

Luxury Short Sale Specialists, Member Of The Institute For Luxury Home Marketing

Recognized as a Prudential California Realty Short Sale Specialist

Prudential California Realty Short Sale Specialist

Short Sale Specialist





HAFA, Making Home Affordable Designation, Approved by California Association Of Realtors, CAR

Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative

SFR, Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource Designation.

SFR, Short Sales And Foreclosures Resources

“IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Prudential California Realty is not associated with the government, and our service is not approved by the government or your lender.  Even if you accept this offer and use our service, your lender may not agree to change your loan.  If you stop paying your mortgage, you could lose your home and damage your credit rating.”